Happy 95th Birthday Gurudev!

Dearest Gurudev Chitrabhanu you are so loved and you respond by filling our hearts and souls with Light and unconditional Love. We cherish your example and teachings. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The photo below is from a visit to New York City on June 4, 2016 to visit Gurudev and Pramoda at their home. The beautiful woman with them is Asha Sheth. Photo by Sohum Tana Dean. Following is a message from Gurudev for his birthday...  Love in the Flow of Life FORM AND FORMLESS can be viewed as the world [Read more...]

Animal Sanctuary Visit in Colorado built on Jain philosophy

My Visit to an Animal Sanctuary written by, Dilip V. Shah, Philadelphia Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary Colorado https://www.luvinarms.org/ facebook.com/luvinarm During last Paryushan at our Jain center, we had a guest speaker Shaleen Shah who talked about an Animal Sanctuary in Colorado that he and his wife Shilpi had created. I read the literature he provided and heard him answer questions from the audience. As the only such Sanctuary operated by jains outside of India, I was interested [Read more...]