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Gurudev Chitrabhanu and Pramoda Chitrabhanu have been a part of my life for more than 20 years, although, it has taken me some time to acknowledge and begin to understand how much they have given to me and guided me through my life. I met them through the Lighthouse Center Inc. in Whitmore Lake, MI  USA.

At 93 Gurudev is still filled with an energy and spirit that gives to all of us Unconditional Love. His energy and teachings compelled me to create a blog for spreading his message of non-violence (Ahimsa) through his personal messages using videos, audios and teachings. I felt deeply that there should be a centralized place for these teachings. So, in the fall of 2013 I setup this blog with their blessings and began publishing. You can find additional information and teachings at JainMeditation.org.

My experience has been that Gurudev and Pramoda Chitrabhanu work together to serve the planet in their deep belief of the practice of Ahimsa, non-violence to all beings. This practice extends to our growing in understanding how our thoughts and acts affects, not only ourselves, but, all those who are close to us and the planet.

All are welcome to comment on this blog, all comments are monitored and approved by me. There is a contact form which you are also welcome to use to send messages to Gurudev or Pramoda, they will be forwarded.

I have been pleasantly surprised by the beautiful and kind comments that have been written to both of them. However, they are not personally creating the blogs and pages on this site. They do know that comments are being posted, but their schedules do not allow them to respond. I receive emails from them and post their requests. There is a massive library of audios, videos and books to be published. I personally have a large library and have found others who have their own personal libraries of his teachings.

This is a privately funded website, not a non-profit, however my funds are limited within the scope of this archival site. You will notice that there is a donation button available. If you feel these teachings have helped you or others please consider a donation to help with expenses to keep this site running and experience continued growth. Thank You for your generosity!

The intent is to serve the Jain practice of Ahimsa, to live a life of non-violence toward all beings on this planet. Hopefully you will choose to take this journey too. I am forever grateful to both Gurudev and Pramoda Chitrabhanu for their spiritual guidance and feel truly blessed to know them.

Love to All Beings,
Mukta Tana
January 7, 2015