3 Day Conference – Vegetarian Society – Oct. 5-7, 2010

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The du Vegetarian Society welcomes all of you to participate in a 3-days Season lecture October series on the 5th, 6th and 7th of October, 2010.   Well-known speakers will be sharing their knowledge wholesale NFL jerseys and cheap jerseys experience which comes from their own With practice.  You wholesale MLB jerseys have this opportunity to attend the Participants series Jerseys of the three days lectures on Reverence for Life, cheap jerseys

This Vegetarian Society is everyone’s society who believes in Reverence for Life, life within and life without.  Reverence for Life means respect for one’s own life and then expand and extend the same feeling for all living beings.  So, there is no distance between you and me.   Microcosm reveals the nature of macrocosm.

Ahinsa is paramo-dharma.  It does not belong to just one religion.  It is not only for one religion; it belongs to all and those who have respect for life.

Ahinsa is a highway where all the religious exit merge.  The practitioner of Ahinsa does not to hurt any moving being by words, thoughts and actions.  Being aware of the levels of effective results, they know that nothing will hurt them until they hurt others.

Plan to take advantage of this vegan and vegetarian lecture series  which will be highlighting a healthy lifestyle,  the vegan and vegetarian ways,  a clean environment,  eco-friendly living and peaceful co-existence.

With Love and Respect for Life

President, Vegetarian Society
(Reverence for Life) Mumbai.