Compassion Without Borders: Gurudev Chitrabhanu Launches Living Free Portal

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cropped-gurudevanddog1.jpgCompassion Without Borders: Gurudev Chitrabhanu Launches Living Free Portal
Compassionate living portal and grants programme launched by leading Jain wholesale jerseys guru

(06.06.2013), an internet portal promoting ahimsa through a lifestyle free of animal products was launched today by Gurudev Shri Chitrabhanu. Living Free, a programme of the Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO), 1971 promotes a life of freedom for countless animals tortured, mutilated, and slaughtered every day for human consumption in the form of food, clothing or accessories. It also encourages the values of living free from health hazards, environmental pollution, greed and guilt.

The website is a comprehensive informational resource about practices of raising animals and the toll Conference it takes on the well being of the animals, the humans To and the planet. The website also provides support for those who want to adopt and spread the philosophy of Living Free.

Gurudev Chitrabhanu also launched a Quick Grants programme, which provides funding to people interested in cheap jerseys carrying out awareness activities.

A FIAPO spokesperson said, “Gurudev is a great wholesale nfl jerseys spiritual leader and an advocate of ahimsa in India and abroad and we are extremely grateful for his support. We are fortunate to have his blessings in our effort to build a world of compassion towards animals.”

Additionally, a 12 page informative Living Free booklet has been released by FIAPO, for free distribution. Digital or printed copies of these booklets are available through the website. also accepts pledges for Living Free, serves as an information portal and a place to connect for practitioners of a lifestyle of in ahimsa though a dedicated electronic group.

On the launch occasion Gurudev Chitrabhanu said “ I am happy that FIAPO is expanding wholesale nfl jerseys its efforts to spread active ahimsa in India. This is much needed wholesale nfl jerseys to Gifts reverse the growing atrocities on animals, particularly for food. I convey my best wishes and blessings to all striving to help animals live free of enslavement and abuse.”