Jains Need to Ask About the Menu at Cheesecake Factory, Vegetarian Options are Limited

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Not many vegetarian options.

Not many vegetarian options.

This was an email sent to Pramodaben Chitrabhanu that she requested be posted:
I was just recently at the Cheesecake Factory (a place where I know many of the youngsters enjoy dining and was informed that there are almost NO true vegetarian options at this establishment.  They have pastas that are made with a chicken or beef stock.


There is one pasta on the menu, Evelyns pasta and the side order of macaroni and cheese that are truly vegetarian.  But items such as four cheese pasta or their fried mac and cheese have a meat base.  They just recently made their spinach artichoke dip vegetarian.

I asked to have copies of this (at least showing the broth types) but they would not give it to me.  I have already emailed cheesecake factory but I didn’t know how to confirm this and get the word out to all Jains to now try to avoid the cheesecake factory.


Thanks for your time.
Kavita Shah


(Bolding is mine, perhaps all Jains should contact Cheesecake Factory because they deserve to know what they are being served. You may also want to ask if the cheesecake contains gelatin because most gelatin is made from meat.)