Mamtaben transcended – a devoted and giving Jain

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Message posted: Thurs., Dec. 15, 2016

Dear Ones,

This is a message from Pramoda Chitrabhanuji about Mamtaben, a devoted soul who gave more than people know to the Jain community. Please take a few minutes of silence for this wonderful soul…

My dear Nirmalaji,
With great sadness we have today that dear Mamtaben transcended this morning at 5 am in her sleep.

Please it would be nice if we all observe silence for 2 mins where ever we are to pay our respect to this great dedicated, devotional and all giving soul.

Her service to Jain Dharma and Ahimsa was immensely incomparable. Without expectation of anything in return she was always there to give unconditionally.  She never wanted anyone to know who was behind the JMIC. Her humility, her strait forwardness and to be anonymous has always touched our hearts.

My head bows down to her and her service to Jain Dharma.

In love and light

Note: Nirmalaji is Nirmala Nancy Hanke, president of the Lighthouse Center Inc. in Whitmore Lake, MI – USA.