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Dear Ones,

I know it can be difficult to hear about the appalling cruelty exposed by PETA’s eyewitness investigations: elephants beaten with bullhooks … horses drugged and electro-shocked … cats tormented in secret experiments.

But imagine what it’s like to have to stand there as the abuse is happening—to know you must stay silent when you hear the animals’ terrified cries, to not look away as they shriek in pain, and to work side by side with the very people responsible for causing that suffering.

Whether carried out on fur farms, in slaughterhouses, in cage-filled laboratories, at racetracks, or at bear pits, the work of PETA’s investigators is extremely important—and responsible for sparing countless animals pain and suffering, saving lives, and even closing some of these places down. Their work is also extremely hard.

We can’t thank these wonderful men and women at an awards ceremony, so today, will you join me in saying THANK YOU to the hardworking PETA investigators who—with your support—are changing the world for animals?

Please sign our thank-you card by adding your name and a personal message here—I know it will mean a great deal to them to hear from the very people whose generosity makes their work possible.

Investigators spend weeks, months, or sometimes even close to a year working painstakingly to record conversations and video footage that will have a huge impact on how animals are treated. Often a long way from home and separated from family and friends, they miss milestones such as birthdays and anniversaries and even holidays like Thanksgiving.

It’s because of their sacrifices and dedication that so many wonderful animals have been rescued from deplorable conditions over the years—animals like these:

Hugs the beagle

Hugs the beagle, whom PETA rescued from a laboratory where dogs and cats were force-fed toxic chemicals and rabbits were left to suffer from painful sores in urine-soaked cages. After our investigation, the laboratory closed and we helped find this friendly pup a wonderful home, where she has plenty of room, treats, and other dogs to play with.

Firestone and Spot

Firestone and Spot, two sweet kittens we discovered as sickly newborns at a hoarding hellhole masquerading as a “cat rescue sanctuary.” After months of intensive veterinary care, the brothers were placed in a home where they’re getting the love and care that they need and deserve.

Little Tess and Amelia width=

Little Tess and Amelia, two hamsters we rescued after our investigation of U.S. Global Exotics, an exotic-animal dealer where tens of thousands of animals were denied veterinary care, adequate space, ventilation, and even food and water. The facility was shut down, and we found the playful pair a comfy, safe home with a loyal PETA member.

I hope you will enjoy showing PETA’s investigators how much you appreciate their work for Hugs, Firestone, Spot, Little Tess, Amelia, and all the other animals they’ve helped to protect. Please sign our thank-you card now—you can even add a personal message!

Without our investigators, these animals—and so many more—would still be suffering terribly in laboratories, in hoarding facilities, on dairy farms, and in other places where abuse and neglect are the norm. The investigators share your determination to stop the abuse of cats, dogs, hamsters, pigs, and all other animals around the world.

Thank you for your support.

Kind regards,

Ingrid E. Newkirk

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Sheena the dog: © Alan Taylor Smith, AD6 Photography
Little Tess and Amelia: © Kencredible
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