Mercy for Animals: Please Help Me Fight for Emma

Mercy for Animals - Save Emma

From: Pramoda Chitrabhanu The donation timeline of June 30th is past, however, I'm sure your donations would be deeply appreciated. Dear Pramoda, You can call me "Pete." That’s not my real name, but I have to keep my real name a secret for my own safety. I am an undercover investigator for Mercy For Animals. I bear witness to horrific cruelty in order to bring it to light. I’ve worked several cases for Mercy For Animals, exposing some of the most shocking abuse and violence you can [Read more...]

PETA E-News | Urge Jimmy Fallon to Ban Wildlife Exhibitors from ‘The Tonight Show’

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon continues to feature wild animals despite knowing about the cruelty inherent in doing so. That's why PETA is calling on kind people to urge Jimmy Fallon to ban wildlife exhibitors from his show. Most recently, Fallon featured numerous wild animals on his show, including Roxy, who was kidnapped from the wild as a baby and shuffled from exhibitor to exhibitor, including the Tarzan Zerbini Circus, which has a lengthy history of animal-welfare violations and [Read more...]

New Investigation Reveals Mother Cows Savagely Beaten at Dairy Factory Farm

Dear Pramoda, A breaking Mercy For Animals Canada undercover investigation reveals sadistic, criminal cruelty to cows at the country’s largest dairy factory farm, leading law enforcement to raid the factory farm and recommend charges against eight workers. MFA’s investigator documented employees inflicting horrific abuses on cows, including: Using chains, rakes, metal pipes, and canes to viciously whip, punch, kick, hit, and beat cows Hoisting cows into the air by chains around their [Read more...]