The Miracle is You

A Message from Gurudev Chitrabhanuji The Miracle is You Once a priest from the Western world went to the East and met a Master of meditation. This priest was eloquent in English as well as in Oriental languages. When he went to see the master, he told him that he would like to read some passages from the Sermon on the Mount, in order to make the Master aware of the teaching of Jesus Christ. The Master was very happy to listen, so the priest started translating. Then on the Master’s face [Read more...]

We Have the Potential to Become Master

A message from Gurudev Shree Chitrabhanuji Namaste! I bow to the beautiful soul in you! This is the teaching that I have learned and am practicing. I do not see you as just the name and the frame. I see you as pure sentient energy residing in this human form, and this energy is purifying and evolving from uni-sense to enlightenment, from aspirants to masters. We evolve though awareness, through getting in touch with people who have purified their lives, and through the practice of their [Read more...]