4 seconds that can change hearts

Dear Pramoda and Guru, This is the reality of a slaughterhouse: a terrified cow, moments from death, flailing around in the blood of others who were killed before him. The meat industry would like to ensure that videos like this don't get recorded and is pushing hard for more states to pass "ag-gag" laws, which make it a crime to document the routine cruelty and abuse that takes place on farms and in slaughterhouses across the U.S. We won't let this happen. We won't let the [Read more...]

Join Jane Goodall in ending wildlife trafficking – from Pramoda Chitrabhanu

Pramoda – My name is Jane Goodall and today is the day you can help choose the fate, for better or for worse, of our world. I have spent my life living with and understanding animals. I have learned the value of their remarkable capacity for emotions, empathy and intelligence and then shared my discoveries with you all. Right now, what makes our world so precious - these very creatures - is in great danger. Tens of thousands of great apes, elephants, tigers, sharks, and other incredible [Read more...]