Pramodaji Chitrabhanu

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Pramoda Chitrabhanu at Claremont UniversityPramodaji Chitrabhanu is a fine human and a devout Jain, in that order, because to be a truly good human is to be a true Jain. She is an acclaimed Jain scholar and is gifted with refined and chaste upbringing, quality education, and high intelligence, perceptive and insightful mind and, above all, a heart that is perennially flooded with compassion and amity towards all.

Pramodaji’s mission takes her to many parts of the world, hence she is rightly called “A Global Personage.” She connects particularly well with the youth because her approach is genuinely secular and multi-cultural. This is the reason why she has scores of admirers all over the world, whose lives have been transformed by her gentle, rational and persuasive guidance.

Pramodaji is particularly interested in vegetarianism and veganism, education, philanthropy, women’s welfare and animal welfare. Appropriately, she holds positions of inspiration and responsibility in many humanitarian organizations. Just to note a few:


  • Jain International Meditation Centre, Mumbai President
  • PETA – People for Ethical Treatment of Animals, India Chapter Director
  • Vegetarian Society of Mumbai: Reverence for Life Founding Member
  • Beauty Without Cruelty – Active Member
  • Jain Meditation International Centre, New York, Director
  • Jaina – Jain Association in North America – Jiv Daya Committee Chairperson

Pramodaji has written well-researched, insightful and deeply touching books; notable among them are:

  • Foods of Earth: Tastes Of Heaven – Book of vegetarian recipes – Gujarati Cuisine
  •  Jain Symbols
  • Book on Evolution and Meaning of Jain Emblems
  • To Light One Candle – Mantras – Prayers, Co-authored with Clare Rosenfield
  • The Book of Compassion
  • Book on Vegetarianism and Veganism, Co-authored with Pravin K. Shah Antim Aradhana – In Gujarati

When in the USA, Pramodaji officiates annually at invited Paryushana celebrations, shares lectures in Gujarati, and gives classes in English to Western students, exposing them to the vision, ideals and concepts of Jain Dharma.