Join Jane Goodall in ending wildlife trafficking – from Pramoda Chitrabhanu

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Pramoda –

My name is Jane Goodall and today is the day you can help choose the fate, for better or for worse, of our world. I have spent my life living with and understanding animals. I have learned the value of their remarkable capacity for emotions, empathy and intelligence and then shared my discoveries with you all. Right now, what makes our world so precious – these very creatures – is in great danger.

Tens of thousands of great apes, elephants, tigers, sharks, and other incredible animals are being slaughtered for the wildlife trade every year. At the Jane Goodall Institute, my colleagues and I work every single day to end wildlife trafficking, but we cannot do it alone. We need someone like you, who truly cares about their suffering and the cost of wildlife trafficking, to help us.

When you join us, we can build a movement through social media to stop wildlife trafficking together.

Join me in ending wildlife trafficking by taking to social media to make your voice heard.

I’m meeting with some of the top conservation leaders in the world this year, and urgently need your support to tell them you want wildlife trafficking to be a priority for the international community to focus on.

By acting together on social media, we can stand up for what we believe in, protecting our beautiful and endangered wildlife from being hunted for trophies and other “parts” to be sold and auctioned off.

We use platforms like Facebook and Instagram everyday to stay close, to interact and to demonstrate who we are. These everyday tools are powerful – by using them for good, we can help connect and organize, adding further pressure and momentum to let our networks, policy makers, change–making groups and the rest of the world hear our collective message about what we believe in. This is truest demonstration of who we are.

That is why social media is one of my reasons for hope, and that hope is always waiting for you to find it and share it. Together, we can inspire millions of people to demand, and achieve change.

Use your social media networks to tell the world that you stand with our wildlife and want the world to put an end to wildlife trafficking.

Post it. Gram it. Stop wildlife trafficking in its tracks.

Thank you,

Jane Goodall